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Power Tools: Types, Buying Guide, Maintenance Tips & Manufacturers

Power Tools: Types, Buying Guide, Maintenance Tips & Manufacturers

30 Jan 2024

The evolution of technology has ushered in a transformative era for industries, and one of the most pivotal changes has been the enhanced efficiency of Power Tools. These tools, eagerly anticipated for their utility in workshops, industries, and smaller tasks, have become indispensable.

Power tools operate through added energy sources, distinct from the exclusive manual effort required by traditional hand instruments. Commonly employing electric motors, internal combustion engines, or compressed air, these tools, such as electric hand saws, rotary hammers, grinders, and drills, utilize motors to power mechanical actions.

The applications of power tools extend widely, particularly in construction and woodworking, where they contribute to cutting, shaping, and surface finishing materials like metal, stone, or wood. Before investing in a power tool for your workspace, understanding the various types is crucial.

Stationary Power Tools

Also known as benchtop or table-mounted tools, stationary power tools excel in jobs demanding precision and accuracy beyond the capability of handheld counterparts. Widely used by carpenters, cabinetmakers, and woodworkers, these tools are ideal for tasks like drilling holes in wood or metal, as well as grinding, sanding, polishing, or cutting (jigsaw).

Portable Power Tools

Renowned for completing specific tasks efficiently, portable power tools are versatile electric tools applicable in masonry, carpentry, joinery, and various construction tasks. They are convenient in settings like construction sites, car repair shops, and garages, saving time with their portability and ease of use.

Electric vs Cordless Power Tools: Which is Best?

Electric power tools convert electrical energy from external sources like batteries or mains electricity into mechanical energy. In contrast, cordless power tools, also known as cordless drills, rely on rechargeable batteries. While both types deliver efficient performance, the distinction lies in their power source – electric tools operate on electricity, while cordless tools run on batteries. The choice between them depends on specific needs and the suitability of the workspace.

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