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Versatility and Power with the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill

Versatility and Power with the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill

11 Aug 2023
When it comes to drilling, chiselling, and forging tasks that demand precision and power, the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill emerges as a true workhorse. Designed to handle an array of functions, this tool combines raw strength with intelligent features to streamline your work process. In this article, we explore the remarkable capabilities and features of the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill that make it an indispensable asset in any workshop. 

 Versatility Redefined: 

The 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill boasts four distinct functions that cater to a range of applications: 

  •  Hammer Drilling: For those heavy-duty drilling tasks, the first function delivers powerful hammer drilling, enabling you to effortlessly penetrate tough materials like concrete and masonry. 
  • Hammer Stop: When transitioning to normal drilling or screwdriving operations, the second function offers a hammer stop, allowing for precise and controlled drilling without the hammering action. 
  • Rotation Stop: Need to perform light chiselling work? The third function provides a rotation stop, making it easy to chip away at surfaces with accuracy and finesse. 
  • Free Rotation Forging: When maximum freedom is required, the fourth function offers free rotation for forging tasks, granting you the flexibility to work unhindered. 
  • Enhanced Safety and Control: The 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill places safety and control at the forefront of its design: 
  • SDS+ Chuck: The hammer drill is equipped with an SDS+ chuck, providing secure and efficient tool changes while allowing the use of SDS+ drills for optimal performance. 
  • Safety Clutch: Worried about drill bit jamming? The safety clutch feature ensures protection by disengaging the motor in such situations, preventing potential hazards. 
  • Smooth Speed Regulation: The trigger offers smooth and precise regulation of rotation speed, giving you the ability to adapt to different materials and tasks with ease. 
  • Continuous Operation Button: For longer tasks, the included button for continuous operation reduces strain on your hand, allowing for uninterrupted work. 
  • Power and Performance: With a robust 3150 W motor, this hammer drill delivers unparalleled power for tackling demanding drilling and chiselling jobs. The revolutions range from 0 to 1100 rpm, offering the versatility needed to handle various materials and applications. 
  • Designed for Comfort: Ergonomics and comfort are key features of the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill: 
  •  Ergonomic Shape: The tool's ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing fatigue during prolonged use. 
  • Soft Grip: The inclusion of a soft grip further enhances comfort, providing a secure hold and reducing vibrations. 
Technical Specifications: 

  1. Motor Power: 3150 W 
  2. Power Supply: 230 V / 50 Hz 
  3. Revolutions: 0 - 1100 rpm 
  4. Concrete Drill Diameter: 24 mm 

Unleash Your Potential with the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill. 

Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill empowers you to take on a diverse range of tasks with confidence. Its multifunctional design, enhanced safety features, smooth speed control, and ergonomic build make it a tool of choice for those who demand both power and precision. Elevate your drilling, chiselling, and forging capabilities with the 3150 W SDS+ Hammer Drill and experience the difference it brings to your projects.